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Get custom window decals to make announcements, provide information or decorate the storefront. We offer the following types of window decals: static cling, clear, frosted, opaque and perforated vinyl.

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About Product

Window Decals are great for store promotions, sale announcements, working hours, wi-fi, company services, quotes, traffic warnings on car windows, decorative images for houses, company name and logo and whatnot.

Clear Window Decals are a perfect option for window branding, be it a storefront window or an office window. You can use Clear Decals for advertising as well as for decorative purposes. It easily attracts attention whether used indoors or outdoors. Unlike Opaque Decals, Clear Decals do not block the view behind the windows due to the transparency of the material. With Clear Decals the areas without a printing remain clear.

Opaque or White Window Decals are used to give the business or home a unique accent, an upscale effect to enhance your décor. It creates the beautiful, elegant appeal of your office or home, adds a touch of privacy, brands the storefront, etc. Opaque window signage attracts both passers-by and product sales. With Opaque Window Decals the areas without printing remain white or you can choose a background color to be printed on the Decal.

Window Decals are perfect for exterior and interior branding and decorating applications. Due to its semi-permanent adhesive backing, it’s ideal for periodical updates of the business establishment or home look and style. Adhesive Window Decals have low tack adhesive backing and do not leave any sticky residue after the removal. The opaque stickers are heat and abrasion resistant and can serve 2+ years and still look great.

Create your stunning decorations with free and well-designed templates available in our designing tool. Square Signs offers Window Decals directly printed in full color with the highest resolution and color density.  

These picture-perfect Vinyl Graphics are financially sound investment to amplify foot traffic, the ideal tool for extra advertisement campaigns with zero risks and complications.


  • Durable, can resist all weather conditions
  • Sun resistant, due to the UV protection
  • Simple application
  • Easily removable, without staining the surface
  • Eye-catching, to attract customers from afar


The materials for Window Decals are Clear Vinyl and Opaque Vinyl. The first one is completely transparent, while the second one is opaque white. The materials come in rolls, so you can order Decals in custom sizes and with printings in any color. Although the materials are very adhesive they are easily removable and do not stain the surface.   


You can use our free design tool to create custom graphics to be printed on future Decals. Choose one of our free templates or upload your own image. The graphics are printed on the Decal with premium UV and digital printers. Our printers dry the inks with ultraviolet rays right after the printing process. This makes the printing sun and fade resistant, thus the long lifespan of your Decals is guaranteed.  


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